TV Interivew: Crashing’s Pete Holmes & Jamie Lee (HBO)


Pete Holmes holds a pillow with a photo of…Pete Holmes. (Photo by Dan Merlo of Fab Photo Chicago)

Crashing, one of 2017’s best comedies returns to HBO this coming Sunday, January 14 at 10:30 pm ET/9:30 pm CT. In it, comedian Pete Holmes plays a version of himself (the version before he was successful) ascending the lower rungs of the New York comedy world. The premise being, that, after a split from his wife (she had an affair with a hippie art teacher named Leif, who, inexplicably, follows Pete around into season two), Pete has to crash on different people’s couches or be homeless. Previously, he crashed with Artie Lange, T.J. Miller and Sarah Silverman, to name a few. This season he starts off living in Leif’s garage and bros down with Bill Burr.

Photo by Dan Merlo of Fab Photo Chicago.

HBO sent me the first six episodes to view (each season consists of eight episodes total) weeks ago, but I waited until the day I was to interview Holmes and new co-star Jamie Lee (who has been a writer on the show since season one) so that I could go in with immediate thoughts on the season’s beginnings. I got through the first three and then re-watched the first two at a premiere event at Chicago’s Blu Dot last night where Holmes and Lee were in attendance.

As I mention in the interview (full audio is below), I found episode one of season two, The Atheist, to be one of the funniest, most profoundly touching episodes of TV I have ever seen. episode two, Pete and Leif, presents New York City as an almost magical place, with a gentle story filled with beautiful photography. Both episodes make it clear that the show has stepped up its game even more this year. In fact, Holmes states in the interview that the idea was to give an “independent film” quality to the shows this year. It’s still very funny, incredibly so, but the emotions are mined deeper. Perhaps my own woes of divorce have impacted my viewing this season. I see a lot of my own experiences and emotions in Pete. When he tells Lee’s character Ali, after an intimate evening, “I gave myself to you.” The experience of sex after years of marriage to him is something very serious, where Ali sees it only as a hookup. It’s both funny in a way and incredibly sad. Holmes has those puppy dog eyes and you feel everything he’s feeling in that moment. Make sure to catch up on season one and tune in to season two beginning this Sunday, January 14 at 10:30 pm ET/9:30 pm CT.

Dov Davidoff, Jamie Lee and Pete Holmes in a scene from Crashing on HBO.

Below is my interview with Pete Holmes and Jamie Lee about Crashing season two.

Pete Holmes as Pete and George Basil as Leif in a scene from HBO’s Crashing.



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