Jim Norton is Live Tonight @ Thalia Hall in Chicago; Interview Inside


Courtney Love tweaks Jim’s nipple to his obvious delight.

Jim Norton is performing tonight at Thalia Hall in Chicago as part of his Kneeling Room Only Tour. You can get tickets HERE.

Norton has been doing stand-up for many years now, adding radio host and actor his roster of talents along the way. You may know him from his many stand up specials or from his co-hosting the Opie & Anthony show for years, both on FM radio and on satellite radio, later to just he and Greg “Opie” Hughes co-hosting, and, when that relationship dissolved, joining up with former Opie & Anthony contributor Sam Roberts. The Jim & Sam Show is officially the number two listened to show on SiriusXM (behind only Howard Stern) and can be heard weekday morning on Faction Talk channel 103.

Jim Norton and Sam Roberts’s show can be heard weekday mornings on Faction Talk on channel 103.

The most diverse group of guests come through Jim and Sam’s show, from this week alone the following people popped in: rock star Zakk Wylde, Cash Cab host Ben Bailey, Anthony Cumia, wrestling legend Jim Ross and¬†comedians Jim Breuer, JB Smoove and Mark Normand.

Jim also does the Chip Chipperson pod-a-cast which can be heard on Riotcast.

I spoke to Jim a few weeks ago and well, I’m going to be honest, I feel I did him a disservice. I blanked out a few times for some reason and we had some technical issues with reception that cause some confusion. But as a glutton for punishment (which might end up titillating Jim…haha) below is the entire 28 minute phone interview in all its degrading (to me) glory.


Jim Norton and Ozzy Osbourne

Jim Norton.com

The Jim and Sam Show (from L-R) Mark Normand, Sam Roberts, JB Smoove, Jim Norton


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