Cochon’s Heritage BBQ Hits Morgan Manufacturing this Sunday; Discounted Tickets Now On Sale

Cochon founder Brady Lowe and...a friend

Cochon founder Brady Lowe and…a friend


This is a rich weekend to be a food lover in Chicago, not only is Chicago Gourmet happening but Cochon555 is back in town as well with not just one event, but three.


Cochon’s events begin with tonight’s Late Night Asian Speakeasy Dinner at Fat Rice, hosted by that restaurant’s chef Abe Conlon at 10 p.m. Jason Vincent, Justin Carlisle (Milwaukee’s Ardent) and Nick Liu (Toronto’s Dailo) are among the participating chefs. Tickets appear to be gone, but there were only 40 available to begin with, so it’s not a huge surprise.

Next up is Saturday’s inaugural Punch Kings, Pigs n’ Tiki from 8 until 11 p.m. Celebrating the tiki craze, twelve celebrated beverage folks (Sportsman’s Club‘s Jacyara Oliveira, The Sixth‘s Benjamin Schiller, The Duck Inn‘s Brandon Phillips) will be creating Cruzan Rum punches for guests to drink while chowing down on a pig roast. The $75 tickets are still on sale here.

Cochon’s Heritage BBQ on Sunday is the BIG event, however. It follows the Cochon formula of 5 chefs cooking one whole, family farm-raised, heritage pig for judging. The chefs present judges with six dishes and attendees get to enjoy all that the chefs prepare.


The competing chefs are: Analogue‘s Alfredo Nogueira, Perennial Virant‘s Ed Sura, Table, Donkey & Stick‘s Scott Manley, Seven LionsChris Curren and Freehand Chicago‘s Jonathan Meyer.

Also on hand cooking up a bunch of great BBQ will be Chrissy Camba of Maddy’s Dumpling House, Maple & Ash‘s Dave Ochs, La Sirena Clandestina & El Che Bar‘s John Manion, GT Fish and Oyster‘s Mitch Cavanah, Pork Mafia‘s Phil Whingo and Blackwood BBQ‘s Dylan Lipe.

There’s going to be an awful lot of pig to be had this Sunday at Morgan Manufacturing. 1,400+ pounds of it, in fact. There’ll also be plenty of other food (cheeses, seafood) and a ridiculous amount of booze (wine, spirits, cocktails, whiskies, ryes, bourbon). And there’ll be a butcher’s demo from Rob Levitt of The Butcher & Larder at Local Foods.

And, you can get in on all of this insane wealth of food on the cheap with the following discounted tickets link:

Tickets had been $100 for general admission and $200 for VIP, but NOW you can get them for $70 and $150 respectively. Just click this link and BUY.

Proceeds of tickets sold go to help the non-profit organization Piggy Bank, which keeps the heritage pig breeds going.


Purchase Tickets for Cochon’s Heritage BBQ for Sunday, September 27


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