The Avengers Mega Blast – Showings Begin @ Midnight Tonight


by Rock ‘n Roll Ghost


The Avengers‘ debut is finally upon us!  Starting tonight at midnight, fans in North America will finally be able to see the Marvel superhero team spring into action on the big screen.  Writer/director Joss Whedon has receive a lot of praise by critics who have seen the film for joining all of these superheroes with individual films of their own into one action packed mega film.  Whedon has also earned high marks for giving proper screen time to each hero/actor in addition to making a smart, funny popcorn film.

Already, The Avengers has earned close to $300 million overseas.  It’s estimated gross this weekend is being predicted at $170 million.  When all things are said and done, The Avengers‘ chances of earning over $1 billion internationally is very strong indeed.

Before we post Rock ‘n Roll Ghost writer David Ashley‘s review (he was able to catch it this past Tuesday), we wanted to gather together a slew of images from the film as well as clips, featurettes, TV spots and the official trailer in one, easy to navigate space.  Below is pretty much everything you need visually for The Avengers – aside from actually seeing the thing in theaters (by the way, the verdict on the 3D is not encouraging, so save your $$$ and just go 2D).

The Avengers Trailer #2

The Avengers clip – Loki Imprisoned

The Avengers – Symantec Featurette

The Avengers – IMAX 3D TV Spot

The Avengers – Team Featurette

The Avengers – Together TV Spot

The Avengers – Balance TV Spot

The Avengers – Thor & Iron Man Face Off

The Avengers – Black Widow Clip

The Avengers – Isolated TV Spot

The Avengers – Captain America & Thor Battle

The Avengers – Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) on Tavis Smiley

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