Blu-Ray Review: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Focus Features / Universal)


Gary Oldman stars as Smiley in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, available now on Blu-ray/DVD


by Rock ‘n Roll Ghost


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was a true disappointment.  I knew it would be a languorous, quiet spy thriller and not a James Bond style one.  And I think of myself as an intelligent person, one who is able to not have everything hammered home in a film to understand what’s going on.  But I was lost for a long while on who was who, and what was happening.

The performances are all strong, particularly Gary Oldman as Smiley, a role that Alec Guiness made famous in the late 70s.  But he’s a very subdued character, one who rarely (if ever) smiles in actuality and brings little drive to the investigation he’s been asked to look into.  There’s a mole in British Intelligence and Smiley is in a unique position to root them out.

Tom Hardy, John Hurt and Benedict Cumberbatch give the film a little lift, actually conveying heat and energy at times, something the other actors (Colin Firth, Toby Jones, Ciaran Hinds and Mark Strong) are not allowed to do.  But it’s not enough to make up for the film’s slow pace and rather uninteresting plot.

I won’t spoil any more of the plot for you if you haven’t read John Le Carre‘s novel or seen this version of the British mini-series Guiness starred in.  But be forewarned of its snail like movement and stuffy atmosphere.  There’s no high energy high jinks of Daniel Craig here.

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