Blu-Ray Review: Cop Out (Warner Bros.)


by Rock ‘n Roll Ghost

Cop Out is an incredible embarrassment of the highest order.  Everyone in it should be ashamed that they took a pay check to make it.  The person with the most shame should be director Kevin Smith.  In his first “hired gun” job as a director, Smith worked with a bigger budget and a huge action star (Bruce Willis) and made a tribute to 80s action-comedies such as Beverly Hills Cop and Fletch (a property Smith once attempted to reboot with Jason Lee) that manages to make its influences seem positively high-end in comparison.  The equivalent of a bird dropping dead from the sky and landing to the ground without making a sound, no laughs come from Cop Out, just groans of displeasure watching Willis and co-star Tracy Morgan (who have no chemistry) mug and smirk their way through a film so empty and worthless it should have never gotten green lit to begin with.  Cop Out lacks the personality and comfortable humor that is common in most of Smith’s other films.  Granted he didn’t write the script, but Smith has always had a real charm evoking warm performances from his actors, something that is lost here.  Cop Out is just a waste of time for everyone and anyone.  Avoid it.

Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis star in "Cashing the Check"...err...Cop Out

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