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The exquisite Paz de la Huerta plays Nucky Thompson's (Steve Buscemi) paramour Lucy Danziger on HBO's Boardwalk Empire

by Rock ‘n Roll Ghost

Before I get into the details of this week’s episode of Boardwalk Empire, I have to gush about star Paz de la Huerta.  This woman is incredibly sexy, with a body that men would kill to get near.  Not only is she great in her role as Nucky Thompson’s paramour, Lucy Danziger, she is a welcome distraction from the increasingly sadistic side of Boardwalk Empire.  Her scenes in this week’s episode, “Broadway Limited”, one where she undresses in front of Margaret Schroeder at the French clothes store and the other in bed with Nucky where she spills cream on her chest could, in the immortal words of Mick Jagger, “make a dead man come”.

Kelly Macdonald as Margaret Schroeder in HBO's Boardwalk Empire

Back to reality.  The survivor of Jimmy and Capone’s bootleg liquor heist, Simon, is in a hospital and his condition is grave.  Eli is commissioned with making sure he doesn’t talk to anyone, least of all Van Alden, who interrupts Simon’s suffocation.  Eli pretends to fluff up the pillow, placing it back under the gut shot victim’s head.  Van Alden wants the witness, but Eli, despite the fact that they are in Pennsylvania and he’s sheriff in Atlantic City, New Jersey, insists that Simon’s his witness and doesnt’ recognize federal authority.  Van Alden makes his man stay behind as does Eli.

Luciano is at the doctor’s being treated for gonorrhea.  In the primitive days, an instrument is shoved inside the patient’s urethra and then a needle plunges antibiotics into the instrument.   Even my wife winced in discomfort imagining the pain.  Turns out that “Lucky” also has some erectile dysfunctions as well, which prompts him to pick up the aforementioned needle and threaten the doctor to leave that out of his file.
Rothstein wants Jimmy Darmody dead and puts Luciano on the case.  Jimmy’s having some issues at home.  Thinking that his wife had an affair with the photographer who got his son to sit so calmly for him, he’s stewing.
Nucky sets up Chalky White (Michael Kenneth Williams of The Wire) with the Polish “Mickey Doyle’s” liquor watering down business.  Chalky talks Nucky up to a 35% share from the 20% he originally offered, throwing the treasurer for a curve when he calls him a “mother fucker”.  His loyal assistant tells him that it must “be a schvartzer term.”  “Doyle” is in to the D’Alessio brothers for bail and repayment of a loan.  At the end of the episode, a young worker of Chalky’s is found hanging from a rope.  Not wanting to start a race war, Nucky talks Chalky into allowing Eli to stage it as a marital infidelity argument that ends with the young man being shot.  Chalky’s not happy to do so, but agrees, stopping Nucky to inform him that he’ll now take 50%.  Nucky reluctantly agrees.

Gretchen Mol as Gillian, Jimmy Darmody's mother in HBO's Boardwalk Empire

Lucy tells Nucky she’d have a child for him if he wanted her to, even if it means ruining her figure.  Jimmy’s mother Gillian (Gretchen Mol) has Nucky visit her at the fortune teller where they discuss Jimmy’s turn to crime.  Reading between the lines reveals that Nucky is most likely Jimmy’s father.  Gillian wants Nucky to make sure that Jimmy avoids being harmed.

Van Alden gets his warrant and, with the help of some hobos, pulls Simon out of the hospital and into his car.  But Simon’s not going to last the nearly six hour trip back to New York, so Van Alden and his partner drag him into a dentist’s office instructing the man to wake the quickly fading Simon up.  The dentist uses copious amounts of cocaine (in liquid form, still legal back then) to rouse the man.  When he comes to, Van Alden takes to the barbaric measure of sticking his finger in the man’s gut wound to make him talk after he first tells the agent to “go fuck his grandmother” in Yiddish (thankfully there was a woman who could translate there).  Simon’s dying word is “Jimmy”.
Van Alden, holed up in a local post office, wants to go after Darmody, but his superior orders him to go home and see his wife.  Once there we realize that their marital relationship is almost non-existent.  He compliments her pot roast and that’s all that is said.
Nucky gives Jimmy some money to give to his wife and orders him to leave Atlantic City far behind.  He knows Van Alden is going to go after him and he wants to make sure that Jimmy is safe.  Little does he know that Rothstein has sent Luciano after him, making this move a good one for a number of reasons.  Eli thinks that Nucky wouldn’t give him, his own brother, as many chances as he would Jimmy – yeah, Jimmy’s Nucky’s kid alright.  Jimmy is taking a train to Chicago where he will no doubt get in touch with Capone.  Trouble is certain to follow him.

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