TV Recap: Boardwalk Empire (HBO)


Steve Buscemi and Paz de la Huerta star in HBO's Boardwalk Empire

by Rock ‘n Roll Ghost

Nucky’s not letting Jimmy off the hook for the stunt he pulled.  If wants to be a gangster, fine, but he’ll pay Nucky the same way everyone else does.  And that means Jimmy’s got $3,000 to come up with.  Problem is, he’s already bought his wife and son late Christmas gifts and replaced the necklace his father stole from his mother (Gretchen Mol – playing a character a mere 13 years older than Michael Pitt’s Jimmy – the two are only 9 years apart in age in reality).

Michael Pitt and Steve Buscemi star in HBO's Boardwalk Empire

Al Capone’s not taking any shit from the press.  He smashes a bottle over the head of a guy from the Chicago Tribune who’s asking too many questions, beating and kicking him while the guy’s down.  He’s also not all that sympathetic to Jimmy’s need for $500 – saying that he can’t hear him over the phone and laughing.

Arnold Rothstein isn’t happy about the theft of his intended liquor and even unhappier about the murder of “Big Jim” Col0simo in Chicago.  He finds the guy he knows is responsible, who just happened to return from Chicago, and tells him a graphic story about a bet with a guy who was able to swallow billiard balls and regurgitate them.  The guy was stupid and let Rothstein pick a ball of his choosing, with the choice being the cue ball, which is 1/16th’s larger than the rest.  The guy choked to death and Rothstein was a little bit more in the money.  What would he do to this guy if he was willing to let another man die for a little bit of cash?

Margaret Schroeder gets visits from Sheriff Elias Thompson (who gives her an envelope filled with crisp twenty-dollar bills and instructs her on how to answer questions on her dead husband) and from Agent Van Alden, who steals her hair tie (the one she put on when she thought that Nucky was the Mr. Thompson coming to visit her in the hospital).  Van Alden holds his own quirks, and is most likely isn’t as clean and “good” as he likes to pretend he is.  There’s always something a bit odd about a man who is so particular and meticulous as well as hell bent on destroying “evil”.

Margaret visits Nucky late at night returning the money, revealing that she’s a lot smarter than some may think.  She’s read a mountain of books back home in Ireland and isn’t interested in charity (why did she take the money that Nucky gave her previously, then?).  She instead asks Nucky for work.  There’s no doubt he’ll grant her this wish.  It’s obvious that both of them have some sort of connection, but is it possible at all for a relationship to work out?

Nucky’s friend George Baxter is driving the 19-year old Claudia back to Baltimore and have just left Atlantic City limits when a bloody man comes out of the woods – it’s one of the five guys (Jimmy was right on the numbers earlier, but Nucky kept insisting it was only four) from the liquor heist.  This is a potentially disastrous development for Jimmy and Nucky.  Tune in next week to see what shakes out from this grim discovery.

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