Perennial’s Exec Chef Ryan Poli Offers New Savory & Sweet Options


The dining room at Perennial

Perennial's Chef Ryan Poli

There’s a lot of news to report on Chicago restaurant Perennial.  So let’s dig into it, shall we?

Executive Chef Ryan Poli works the pastry side of Perennial in addition to his regular duties.  He’s created a couple of sweet dishes to add to the restaurants dessert and weekend brunch menus.

First the desserts.  Poli has a semifreddo, an adult candy bar, featuring a creamy, yet crunchy center of nougat of candied hazelnuts and a custard of strawberry sorbet, chamomile cream and petite citrus crumpets.

Flavors of a Snickers bar is a gourmet deconstruction of the classic store-bought candy bar.  Poli begins with chocolate cake, then layers chocolate Bavarian and salted caramel mousse, with salted peanut ice cream served alongside and finished with toasted peanut crumble.

For the weekend brunch, Poli presents pancakes with juicy strawberries and topped with a crunchy Cap’n Crunch streusel along with vanilla milk custard.

Two new dinner dishes to Perennial‘s menu are classic tomato gazpacho and market fresh crudo.

The chilled puree of tomato gazpacho is seasoned with paprika and olive oil and is poured tableside around fresh cherry tomatoes, julienned cucumber salad and what Poli describes as olive “charcoal”.  Pieces of bread are torn off and soaked in black olive puree and then baked into a “jet-black” crouton.

The crudo varies, Poli recently used yellowfin tuna, and is served with sweet and sour shallot and jalapeno relish, pickled pearl onions, fresno chiles and a lemon vinaigrette.

Finally, Perennial will hold a summer soiree of couture and Champagne on June 24th.  From 5:oo PM until 8:00 PM, the restaurant will fill its lounge area with the summer hat collection from the MAA, a Chicago organization for designer hats.  Guests will be able to enjoy specialty Champagne cocktails for $10 a piece and will be given a 15 percent discount off of their restaurant bill with mention of MAA.  Reservations are recommended and  can be made by calling (312) 981-7070.



Executive Chef Ryan Poli

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