Film Review: Get Him To the Greek (Universal)

Film Review: Get Him To the Greek (Universal)

by Lucas Pops

Get Him To the Greek star Russell Brand & fiancee Katy Perry at the film's premiere

Get Him To the Greek starts off following the downfall of out-of-control rock star, Aldous Snow (Russell Brand).  Aldous has just put out an album, African Child, that is said to be worse for Africa than famine and apartheid. Enter Aaron Green (Jonah Hill), a young intern at Snow’s record company and a huge fan of his band, Infant Sorrow.

Aaron suggests to his boss, Sergio Roma, (Sean “Diddy” Combs) that the best way to revive Aldous’s career is to hold an anniversary concert at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.  Sergio assigns Aaron to go to London and personally see to it that Aldous makes it to the concert, with a brief stop in New York for an appearance on The Today Show.

What follows is a crazy, eye-opening journey for Aaron as he struggles to keep his hero happy, while balancing his professional duty. The character Aldous Snow is based on the character from the film Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  In it, Aldous is seven years sober, but since that film, he’s fallen off the wagon.

Fans of Forgetting Sarah Marshall will be treated to a cameo from the titular star (Kristen Bell).  Aldous sees a preview of her new show on a television and exclaims so subtly: “I think I’ve f***ed that girl!? Yep, I’ve definitely f***ed her!”

For anyone who is a fan of Russell Brand’s unique comic delivery, this film delivers.  If Brand’s not your cup of tea; Jonah Hill’s various awkward comments and memorable one-liners will make it worth the entrance fee.  If you don’t enjoy Hill, then why in the hell are you reading this review, much less considering going to see this?  Maybe, the premise of a drunken, drugged, and sexed up rock star being corralled by an uptight, young go-getter makes for a rip roaring good time.  I was laughing the whole time. The film’s flow was what bothered me.  I expected it to keep building to a frenzied breaking point, then, even out towards a resolution.  But the tone of the film would go up and down.  And, as much as I dislike P. Diddy, I have to applaud him here.  He was funny and over the top in ways I did not think were possible.

Overall, Get Him To the Greek wasn’t spectacular, but I don’t really have anything bad to say about it.  I really enjoyed Russell Brand’s character and his insight on the rock star lifestyle.  And Jonah Hill has always made me laugh no matter what he’s in.  The film didn’t completely blow me away, however.  For my patented scale, Get Him to the Greek Didn’t Suck.

Jonah Hill & Russell Brand run from Sean "Diddy" Combs in Get Him To the Greek

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