Bubba Raw® Vol. 3 DVD Out April 14th; Bubba Grand Marshal Of 2009 Aaron’s 312

Bubba Raw® Vol. 3 DVD Out April 14th; Bubba Grand Marshal Of 2009 Aaron’s 312
Bubba the Love Sponge® will release Bubba Raw® Vol. 3 next Tuesday April 14th globally through IVD Exclusives.

Bubba, who is syndicated on 5 terrestrial radio stations as well as on SiriusXM satellite radio, says of Bubba Raw® Vol. 3, “I wasn’t sure we could top Bubba Raw® Volumes 1 and 2, but it appears we have done so with Bubba Raw® Vol. 3. We have an endless supply of spectacular, uncensored content that the Bubba Raw® DVDs really bring to life for our fans.”
Bubba Raw® Vol. 3 will feature the man himself, Bubba the Love Sponge® along with the show’s on-air cast including Spiceboy, Brent, 25 Cent and former intern Lummox (of the famed drunken freak out) as well as celebrity appearances by NBA All-Star Dennis Rodman and Penthouse Pet Andie Valentino.

Bubba Raw® Vol. 3 features “Topless Boxing” and “Stripper Trivia” as well as crazed staffers, pranks, fire torture and more behind the scenes insanity that the Bubba Army® has come to know and love.

Check out the trailer for Bubba Raw Vol. 3® right here:

You can purchase Bubba Raw® Vol. 3 at FYE stores or on FYE’s website.

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In other Bubba news, the big man has been named Grand Marshal for the 2009 Aaron’s 312 NASCAR Nationwide Series race at Talladega Superspeedway in Talladega, Alabama on Saturday, April 25.

The 312-mile race is sponsored by Aaron Rents, Inc., and is part of Aaron’s Dream Weekend at Talladega. The Aaron’s 312 race, one of the most popular in racing, is scheduled to be broadcast live on ABC-TV.

“We are thrilled that Bubba will be giving the command to start the Aaron’s 312,” stated Ken Butler, Chief Operating Officer of Aaron Rents, Inc. “Bubba’s love of racing is very apparent and I believe his ‘Bubba Army’ fan base is a perfect fit for Aaron’s and NASCAR.”

Bubba’s Grand Marshal duties will include greeting each of the drivers as they are announced on the driver introduction stage, addressing the crowd of more than 145,000 and issuing the most famous words in racing: “Gentlemen, start your engines.”

“I couldn’t be more honored or excited,” said Bubba, whose No. 1-rated syndicated talk and entertainment radio program reflects his enthusiasm for racing.

Bubba currently owns the 8-car race team, CRI (Clem Racing, Inc.), consisting of two dirt late models driven by him and renowned late model driver Keith Nosbich; Bubba’s 6-year-old son, Tyler Clem; and 9-year-old Michael Atwell, along with four quarter midgets driven by Tyler and Michael, as well. The team competes across the US, and has major corporate sponsorships. Tyler and Michael are also two of the youngest drivers to enjoy development deals with Stewart/Hass Racing, Tony Stewart’s new NASCAR racing team.

For more information about Bubba the Love Sponge®, visit www.btls.com. For more information about the Aaron’s 212 and Talladega Superspeedway, visit www.talladegasuperspeedway.com.

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