Reverend Bob Levy’s Fighting Bonaduce, His Ex-Wife & Anyone Else Who Gets In His Way

Reverend Bob Levy’s Fighting Bonaduce, His Ex-Wife & Anyone Else Who Gets In His Way

If you’re an avid listener of the Howard Stern Show you know that the Reverend Bob Levy (“Reverend” was bestowed upon Levy by former Stern writer/comedian Jackie “the Joke Man” Martling) isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, at times. His grammar is atrocious, his decisions in life perhaps a bit suspect (with his recent attacks against Sirius Satellite Radio host Bubba the Love Sponge® on his internet radio show being only the latest bad move on Bob’s part). But what Levy lacks in these areas he more than makes up as an extremely gifted comedian and as a loyal friend.

I’ve seen Levy perform a number of times now and he absolutely kills on stage. Bob is especially great at interacting with an audience, forgoing his act to lacerate an audience member’s boorish behavior.

As for being a loyal friend, he’s been there for Artie Lange in his time of need after Lange’s decision to seek help from a therapist for his addictions.

But back to that lack of judgment thing again. Levy got into a bit of a spat with Danny Bonaduce (from TV’s The Partridge Family & Breaking Bonaduce) months ago at a celebrity boxing match that Bonaduce was participating in. The incident, where Levy slapped Bonaduce across the face (see the video below) comes off as forced and rather pointless. The fight that has resulted from this incident feels evern moreso if I’m being absolutely honest.

On Saturday, September 13th Bob Levy and Danny Bonaduce will be at the Marple Sports Arena (which isn’t even advertising the fight on their website) in Broomall, PA to settle all scores. You can either get tickets to see the event live by visiting the event website or pay $5 the night of the fight by visiting Go Fight Live to stream the fight live on your computer.

The participants aren’t getting paid all that much (Levy said on Stern’s show this morning that he gets $5,000 if he wins and Bonaduce claims to not be making any money at all, but also has sponsors for things like his $2,000 mouth guard) and there doesn’t seem to be any real animosity on Bonaduce’s part against Bob.

Considering that and figuring in Bob’s reasons for the fight aren’t all that strong (Bob claims that Bonaduce was talking shit about him to Damon Feldman owner/promoter of Celebrity Boxing, Feldman is the promoter for this fight and was the promoter for the one where Levy and Bonaduce’s first altercation took place) makes the skeptic in me wonder if this whole situation is just a “work” (wrestling term for fake or staged). I guess I’ll just have to pay my $5 on Saturday to see for myself.

I spoke to Levy this past Sunday before he headed into Manhattan for the Miserable Men Show, which he co-hosts with Shuli, Al Rosenberg, Mike Morse and “Mark from Brooklyn”, heard every Sunday on Stern’s Sirius channel 101 from 7 – 9 PM EST. We discussed the fight, his reasons for doing it, why the Miserable Men forum was pulled down and the far more intriguing and very real knock-down/drag-out fight that he’s in the middle of with his ex-wife.

Rock & Roll Ghost: Who do you have setting up the fight?

Reverend Bob Levy: This guy Damon does it. He’s on my MySpace.

How’d you get in touch with him?

He got in touch with me and said that Danny wanted to fight me since I smacked him. I said ‘I don’t give a fuck. Let’s go.’

How did it get from that slap to what it is now?

Basically, he was pissed off and said he wanted to kick my ass. I said I would do it in the Stern studio, but Howard said no we couldn’t do that. Even Danny’s people said it was illegal to fight like that. So he wanted to do a boxing thing. He said he was going to cripple me and I accepted knowing damn well that I am going to knock him the fuck out.

What happened to cause you to slap Bonaduce in the first place?

I went up to meet everybody and I was one of the referees to an earlier fight. I was talking about having Kidd Chris being a referee. He (Danny) was like ‘What you got a fucking plan? What are you…setting me up?’ I was like ‘What the fuck are you talking about? Why are you being a douche bag?’ I remember a guy saying ‘You’re the one that’s being a douche bag’ or something like that. I felt trapped and I just smacked him (Danny).

And why didn’t that become a bigger deal at the moment?

I got dragged against a wall by two fucking big douche bags. And then they told me to go downstairs.

What prompted you to actually do a fight in this manner?

Because I want to kick his fucking ass. He’s a wise ass. He goes around like a tough guy all the time. He goes around and picks his own fights. This fight he didn’t pick. This fight was a big mistake for him. And he’s going to find that out on Saturday. I’m totally ready. Totally focused. I’m ready for anything. I don’t think he can knock me out. I don’t think that, even if I let him hit me in the face, he wouldn’t knock me out. Even with my hands down. But my hands will never be down.

I heard that it originally was going to be held in Atlantic City but there was a worry about him passing drug tests?

They won’t insure anyone unless they pass the tests. I’m sure that’s why it was moved.

Was that his call?

I don’t know whose call it was. We’re now fighting in his hometown. It doesn’t matter. I don’t give a fuck.

Do you have some third-party referee and judges all worked out?

They have licensed judges and all that shit. Me and my trainer know that if it goes to a decision that these fuckers are going to pick him. So we don’t want to not only knock him out, we want to make him quit. So it doesn’t go to a decision.

What things have you been doing to prepare for this?

Beginning training was basically doing these planks where you put your arms straight and you do a plank on your toes and your body’s stiff and you stay there for 30 seconds. And then you turn around and you start doing sit-ups and then do the planks and then do that. And then go around the ring sideways left to right. It’s always footwork. And then go around the ring in the other way and then do jumping jacks and then do push-ups. And then he’d put the gloves on and he would show me ‘This is what we’re gonna do. You’re gonna jab left.’ It’s a lot less energy than people think. It’s not like a street fight. You confuse the person with a jab and if he walks into the jab he’s doubling the power. It’s just a set-up for the big right. And then
the training got brutal. I’d get on the treadmill. I would go 25 minutes every day. I’d start at two minutes at 34, that’s a fast walk. Then I’d put it up to 60 and then do that for two minutes and go back and forth. And then we went to the bag and take just two minutes of left jabs and then two minutes of right, then two minutes
of left hooks and then two minutes of right. And it’d be two minutes of just left-right, left-right. It’s just so your arms don’t get tired in a fight and when you need that energy to take him out in a fight, it’s there. And just running combinations. I won’t give ’em out, but it’s just a combination to set him up.

So you’re going to be full regulation, using gloves and the whole bit? Not a bare knuckle brawl?

No, no. My trainer said you gotta hit the wall. So what we did is we got two guys that were about to go into semi-pro and they put me in the ring with one guy for two minutes with a thirty second break. I fought the one guy for two minutes, got some shots in but was basically off my game. I got pretty much pummeled. The other guy comes in after only 30 seconds then I got a fresh guy I gotta fight. Boom, boom, boom. I’m getting pummeled. Then the other comes in after 30 seconds…they did that four or five times. And then I remember coming out and I had a black eye and a bloody nose and he looked at me and goes ‘We’re gonna knock him out in one.’ You have to hit the wall. I seen everything I did wrong. That’s the whole thing. And he goes ‘These guys’ll kill Danny in a second. You got heart. He doesn’t have what you have. He just has a mouth.’

What about what Howard said about the “crazy factor” with Danny? Is there a level of unpredictability to how he’s going to be fighting that you’re concerned about?

Of course there will. It’s called frustration. It’s not, uh…what you said it was. He’s going to be really frustrated because he’s not going to be able to do what he thinks he’s gonna do. And that’s going to change his game and that’s what’s going to leave him open. There’s nobody that’s going to be crazier than me that night. He might act crazy, but I am crazy. And anybody that’s ever seen me flip out knows what I’m talking about. So I think that’s a big difference. I have a lot of anger going on in my life that I will take it all out that night.

With regards to the Miserable Men show, how is that going? And what do you have coming up on the horizon?

The wall is just about broken down. It’s up to the fans to write in more. Everybody up there loves us. All the big shots. I get calls from Tim all the time telling me how great the show is. The calls are packed, we have a great following. I always said, put us on Sundays, we’ll stand on our own. We’ll gain an audience there. We proved that. We have so many things we want to bring in. We do this new thing where…I think we might do “Good Times” tonight…

Oh, the scripts!

I got so many guests I want to bring on, but….

…it’s packed as it is.

Yeah. And they notice that, too.

Is the goal for just three hours or is the ultimate for four?

The ultimate is for four. It might just go to four. I don’t know. We get e-mails all the time. I got one that we’ll read tonight. It’s fucking brutal, but it’s an honest opinion from somebody. It’s not an ass kissing show. It’s about us. And when you make a show about you that’s when you got a show. We used to always have topics. We still have topics, but we’ll go in there and all of a sudden something will just explode and then the show leads to that and you don’t even get to what you wanted to talk about.

With regards to what’s going on in your life – you were arrested, correct?

I was charged, I guess. I wouldn’t say I was arrested. They were Stern fans. They didn’t handcuff me or anything. They knew who I was right away. They listen to Kidd Chris and Howard. I was like ‘Hey, what’d I do?’ and they started laughing.

So what was the charge for?

Harassment by phone.

For allegedly calling your ex-wife too many times?

I was trying to get her to go to court to pay a normal child support and go on with my life.

Why did this all of a sudden intensify or is this the way it’s always gone with her?

Because I didn’t want to pay $4,000 anymore. I have a new wife and why should we struggle? I don’t see why someone can drive a Mercedes Benz truck and have another car, yet not want to at least maybe get a
cheaper car.

So you’re not paying $4,000 just for child’s support, but for alimony, right?

I was paying for everything. And I said that’s gonna end. I’ll give you until September. And now she’s throwing all of this bullshit out of her ass. Let her keep pulling it. I got a lot of e-mails from people in my situation and a lot of groups that want me to be their spokesperson because they can’t get the word out. I’m going to talk to Tim Sabean about doing a show about just that. ‘Cause guys get screwed. There’s no such thing as equal rights. Equal rights is just a thing when you need it. It’s not when it’s supposed to be. This is somebody that has a Master’s Degree in schooling in Special Education. I lived there but there was no future with us. I stayed there for as long as I could. It’s all about money and I’m just sick of it. How much money do you want? I just want you out of my life totally. In my feelings, my son is totally brainwashed against me or something. I don’t know how to say it.

Are you going to go to court to settle on what child support should be?

Yeah, but that’s after this case.

Oh, so those are two separate things?

Yeah, this is…why she did this…she’s making me waste money I could have…you understand? It doesn’t make any sense. She has a lawyer and doesn’t have any money. How is she going to pay her lawyer? Last time she did this shit we were married. I had to pay for a lawyer. This time I don’t. I just want her out of my life forever. I’ve never seen somebody that is just such a fucking…just so money hungry.

Do you see any chance that this will resolve itself in the near future?

Yeah, it’s going to have to. Or else I’m going to go big time. I made my offer and I said that if it’s not done by next week I’ll just go totally all out. Look, all of my friends are behind me, all my friends know what I’ve been through. We do one show and I have enough money to fucking hire anybody. These fucking women have to learn that they can’t have everything just because they have a fucking pussy and a fucking kid comes out of it. I’m paying well enough. I was the one that was struggling then. I’m the one that has to fucking not get shit while she’s driving around in a fucking Mercedes Benz truck and I have a Dodge Intrepid with 150,000 miles on it. There’s no fairness in this country when it comes to…uh…well let ’em fight it out. Let the lawyers fight it out. I had to take a test that I wasn’t on coke. I passed that. She wants me to take a steroids test now because she read something on a message board. And we have all of her IPs, it’s a message board of a friend of mine. Some guy got charged for…he wrote that I’m on steroids and that I’m gonna pull a Chris Benoit and kill my whole family. It’ll come out when it comes out. He’s been charged and he knows he fucked up.

This wasn’t on your former message board,, right?

I just don’t have that up because other people were doing the same kinds of things to other people. I just realized how sick it was on these boards. I just give up totally. I’m just gonna do my internet radio shows. You try to do good things for people, but you just can’t. They’ll make up lies or they’ll make up what they want. If you fuck with somebody the wrong way it is illegal.

You just can’t put out anything out there…

No. I didn’t get to see my kid for two weeks and I still have to take a steroid test. Where am I gonna get a steroid test? What am I? In the Olympics? So I went to my doctor and…it’s just ridiculous. I have a lot of anger. But instead of going one way with it I go a positive way with it. I could have turned into a fucking drunk and a drug addict but I decided not to. I don’t think that many people would. I don’t think that many guys in the country that get screwed like I did would go this way. I think that most of their lives fall apart. That’s why I want to make sure that doesn’t happen to other people. So I would be happy to help with a show and I’ll talk to Tim about it because I think it’s a serious thing in this country how men get screwed over. When it comes to court they can say anything. I was arrested for no reason. I was arrested for trying to have a conversation about child support and I got arrested because she kept hanging up on me and I kept calling back to talk to her. I told her we have to go to court. It says it in the papers, when I move out of the house we have to settle up. I was able to live there. I’d live in the basement and pay her the money. I said I’d pay her $4 grand a month until September and she better get a job because that’s enough and that was in January. And then we’d go to court and get the normal thing set up.

Have you actually spoken to a lawyer yet regarding your position?

Yeah, I talk to him all the time.

What does he have to say about the verbal agreement you had? Did he say you probably should have gotten something in writing?

No. I can never get anything back because I did it out of the kindness of my heart.

So there’s no real repercussions for not paying her? But she can keep you away from your son?

Basically, yeah. There’s nothing I can do. I’m not going to continue fighting this. If I see him in the afternoon for a couple of hours, that’s fine. I’m not going to ruin his life because someone’s fucking disturbed. I have to take it because people have to be evil.

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